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Our Vision:

The Summit Library serves as the heart of the school helping all students, teachers and staff find and use the information they seek in the format that is most comfortable for them.

Our Mission:

To ensure that each person has a positive and productive experience while visiting the library.



6:55am to 3:45pm on M & W
6:55am to 4:30pm on T & Th
6:55am - 3:15pm on F

Extended hours for all High School Libraries

Digital Resources

For Staff

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Library Procedures

SHS Library Procedures for Students

Library Staff

  • Mrs. Tahaney - Librarian
  • Mrs. Truong - Library Clerk
  • Mrs. Walters - Library Clerk
  • Mr. Cato - iPad Specialist
  • Open - Technology Help

Library Hours

Library Guidelines

  • If you need help, please ask.  The library team is here to help you.
  • You must have an official school pass & a current school ID to enter the library from 7:25 am- 2:55 pm (including lunch).
  • See a member of the library staff for a lunch pass if you want to come to the library during your designated lunch time.
  • Food and drink of any kind are not allowed in the library.
  • Remember to use your inside voice.  Whispering while collaborating with others is encouraged, but your conversation should not be one that everyone can hear.

Checking Out Books

  • You must present your current school ID to check out any material.
  • Materials may be checked out for two (2) weeks.

Computer/Printing policies

  • You must have an official pass and student ID to come to the library and use a computer.
  • During school hours, all computers are for school related assignments only.
  • Printers are also available for school related assignments.


  • Laws and regulations governing the reproduction of copyrighted material are enforced.
  • You, the library patron, are responsible for compliance to these rules.
  • For copyright questions, see Mrs. Tahaney.

Lost Books

  • You will need to pay the replacement cost of the lost book .
  • If the book that was lost and paid for is found within the calendar year , a refund will be generated.


  • The Summit High School Library Media Center provides a collection of over 20,000 print, AV, and software items.
  • As a student of SHS, you have access to the Internet, subscription databases and eBooks using any of our 50 computer stations here in the library.

School Tools

Weekly Schedules

Need to meet in the Library or one of our Classroom Labs?


  Third 6 Weeks  Fourth 6 Weeks  Fifth 6 Weeks  Sixth 6 Weeks  First 6 Weeks Second 6 Weeks

Teachers: To reserve a space for you and your classes in the library (sections A, B, or C), the library conference room or one of the classroom labs (C3, C5, C6 or E3), please see the above schedules.  

After you have looked at the appropriate calendar, please email Mrs. Tahaney with your request.  Her email address is   

When you make your request, please indicate the space you want, the dates you want, the blocks you teach, your name (as you want it to appear on the schedule) and if you need Mrs. Tahaney's assistance.

Need to reserve a Chromebook cart for your classroom?

First Semester          Second Semester

Teachers: Each cart has 30 laptops.  To reserve a Chromebook cart, click on the schedule above.  After you have looked at the appropriate calendar, please email Mrs. Tahaney with your request.   Her email address is

Chromebook carts are reserved by the day, not by the block.  When you make your request, please indicate the dates you want and what cart you prefer.


To better acquaint you with our amenities, here is a summary of what each computer lab has to offer . . . 

  • Library - Section A has 24 chairs and 20 computers
  • Library - Section B has 24 chairs and 16 computers
  • Library - Section C has 52 chairs, 10 computers and a mounted projector with screen for presentations
  • Library - Conference Room has one large table and 8 chairs
  • Classroom Lab - C3 is still under construction
  • Classroom Lab - C5 has 22 student computers and 1 mounted projector with screen
  • Classroom Lab - C6 has 24 computers, 1 mounted projector with screen
  • Classroom Lab - E3 has 27 student computers, 1 mounted projector with screen
  • Chromebook Labs - 1, 2, & 3 each have 30 laptops