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General Announcements

Senate Bill 232 passed during the 86th legislative session requires school districts to send communication to the parents or guardians of any enrolled high school student regarding certain graduation requirements. In order to graduate under the foundation high school program, students are not required to complete Algebra II.  However, not successfully completing Algebra II can impact some college admissions and certain sources of financial aid.  For more detailed information, please click on the links below.

Notification Regarding Algebra II as a High School Graduation Requirement
Notification Regarding Algebra II as a High School Graduation Requirement (Spanish)

If you have further questions or concerns related to this requirement, please contact your student’s school counselor.

Advanced Placement

Brief Description of AVID

What is AVID? AVID is an acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is a grades 5 through 12 program that encourages largely lower-income, underrepresented, academically average, motivated students to achieve their potential and attend a four-year college.

AVID requires enrollment in an elective class taught by an AVID-trained teacher, enrollment in a school’s most rigorous courses such as AP, use of AVID methods of writing as a tool of learning, inquiry-based lessons, detailed Cornell note-taking skills, collaborative learning, and extensive reading.

AVID is not a curriculum but rather a school-wide program of collaboration, support, and teaching methodology that requires a site coordinator, tutors, site team, staff development, careful selection of participants, and full parent support through a pledge in order to increase college enrollment.

The AVID Site Team:

  • AVID Coordinator: Carlos Diaz Jr.
  • AVID Teacher: Melissa Jimenez
  • AVID Counselor: Marchie Murdock
  • AVID Administrator: Jason Mutterer




Summit Electives add a sense of commitment, fulfillment and fun to the high school day. Many electives are designed to help students get a head start in college or careers after high school and, for some, make school a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Our recommended graduation plan requires elective credits.

Here are just some of the electives offered on our campus . . .  

  • AP, Pre-AP, and regular art classes
  • Speech, Debate, and Academic Decathlon
  • Band, Theater, Dance, and Choir classes
  • Technology classes: BIM I, Concepts of Engineering & Technology
  • Yearbook and Journalism classes
  • Languages other than English: French, Spanish
  • AVID
  • Teen Leadership classes
  • Business Classes: Dollars and Sense, Principals of Business, Marketing, & Finance
  • Intro to Culinary Arts, Interior Design, Fashion Design, & Child Development
  • Principles of Education and Training, TAFE
  • Office Aide


Attention Dual Credit Students/Families,

MISD is happy to announce that we have created additional ways to connect to dual credit students and families participating in the dual credit programs offered in our district. See below for details.

Social Media
If you have Twitter and Instagram feel free to follow MISD Dual Credit @MISDdualcredit

Contact us via email at

For more information visit your counselor.

Fees & Fines

Fees and Fines


Follow these instructions:

  2. Set up an account and put items in your cart for check out
  4. EMAIL RECEIPT TO or bring it to the Summit Finance Office

Admin/School Fees

  • Absence Recovery
  • AP Exam
  • Lost Textbook
  • Library Fees/Fines
  • PE/Gym Uniform
  • iPad Usage Fee
  • Student Id's
  • TCC Dual Credit

Extracurricular Fees

  • Frog Week (donations)
  • Frosty Frog 5K (Event Fee)
  • AVID
  • Band
  • Cheerleading
  • Choir
  • Choir All State/Honor Audition
  • Choir T-shirts and uniform rental
  • Debate
  • Drill team
  • Journalism
  • Key Club
  • National Honors Society
  • Senior Class 2019
  • Senior Class 2020
  • Senior Class 2021
  • Senior Class 2022
  • Student Council
  • TAFE Shirt Sales
  • Teen Leadership
  • UIL Academic Team



Coming Soon

iPad Resources

iPad Information & Resources

  • Summit's iPad Specialist
  • iPad General Information
  • iPad Deployment for New Students
    • New students must sign an iPad user agreement and pay the deposit fee to the bookkeeper. iPad deposit fees are as follows: $50 for students on regular lunch, $25 for students with reduced lunch, and $10 for students on free lunch.
    • Once the deposit is paid students will receive an iPad information sheet from the bookkeeper.  
    • Students will submit their iPad information sheet to the iPad specialist, Mr. Cato, who is housed in the library.
    • Mr. Cato will issue the student an iPad.
  • Returning iPads
    • Be sure you remove the password from the device.
    • To be eligible for a refund of your deposit, you must turn in everything in good, working condition.
    • Broken chargers will not be accepted.
    • Your graduation tickets will not be issued until your iPad items are returned.
    • You must turn in your device to be eligible to pick up your graduation tickets!

Senior Events

  • College Board has an Opportunity Scholarship open to all Seniors, Class of 2020, ending on February 29, 2020.   All information can be found at

Testing & Exams

EOC Information for the 2019-20 School Year

Look up your current EOC scores

EOC Tutoring Schedule

  • EOC tutoring and review will be available before each test.
  • Contact your child's teacher for dates and times.

Next EOC exams

  • Algebra I - 
  • Biology I - 
  • US History - 
  • English I -  
  • English II - 

Additional Resources


School-Wide TUTORING - "Jag Overtime"

If your child needs help with a particular subject that is not covered during our "Jag Overtime" on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3-5pm, please contact the teacher directly.

Jag Overtime includes the cores subjects of Math, Science and English.  

They will meet in the following places

  • English will meet in room E3
  • Math will meet in room I15
  • Science will meet in the library

Students will need to ask for a "Jag Overtime" pass from their English, Math, or Science teachers in order to attend the tutoring sessions.  Bus transportation home is available for students who stay the full 2 hours, 3-5pm.

Individual Subject Tutoring

If you are looking for a specific teacher for tutoring, here are the various subject-based schedules.

  • Math Schedule
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Student Records Requests

Parents/Students Education Records Request must be completed and a photo ID attached to request student record information, including Transcript Request. Once the Registrar receives the completed form and a copy of your photo ID, and the Bookkeeper receives payment for the transcript(s), your request will be fulfilled in two school days (48 hours). Please plan and prepare for the allotted time needed to complete each request.

Transcript Request Form